Skinopathy x LG NOVA

“We are not a technology company doing healthcare,” says Dr. Colin Hong, Chief Medical Officer and Co-Founder of Skinopathy.

“We are doctors who are using technology to make healthcare more accessible for everyone, and working with LG NOVA will only help us achieve that goal.”

Awards and Accolades

2022 was a banner year for Skinopathy.

We won several awards and were nominated for many others. Much more is yet to come in 2023, so stay tuned on our LinkedIn page.



Telemedicine platform that connects individuals, doctors, and the complete patient circle-of-care to the SkinopathyOS suite of products and services.


Data-first medical operating system that powers our full suite of products and services and provides physicians unprecedented intelligence about their practice.


Patent pending AI that can pre-screen for skin cancers, classify skin burns, track the healing process of wounds, and much more.


Interoperable mobile digital health companion for nurses designed to inform, track, and evaluate a patient’s wounds at the bedside level.

Skinopathy Health Vault™

Smartphone-based health data repository that allows patients to share vital medical information securely and compliantly to their circle-of-care in real-time.

Skinopathy Research™

Secure and HIPAA compliant interface that allows researchers and physicians to find real-world and real-time patient health data.

We provide healthcare practitioners and patients real-time solutions on how to screen, triage, track, and manage skin cancers, skin diseases, and skin wounds through artificial intelligence, data, and automation.

Press Release

Read how Skinopathy is joining the LG Nova Mission for the Future.

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