The Company that Does Dermatological Data & AI right

The only 3rd Gen dermatological AI in the world that works on any cell phone, does not require the purchase of additional hardware, keeps a doctor in the AI loop, and actually has medical relevance.

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Full Suite of Dermatological Tools

From screening to community care

We have created a complete suite of digital tools powered by AI, data, and automation that are fundamentally changing all aspects of dermatology, including screening, triage, tracking, billing, management, follow-ups, and pharmaceuticals.

Big impact in very little time

Since incorporation in August 2020, over 400 doctors have chosen to send us more than 14,000 patients and are now working alongside government agencies, like the National Research Council, Global Affairs Canada, and Innovation Canada to make Skinopathy a staple in dermatology.

Over the last year, large hospital networks, wound care product companies, technology manufacturers, cosmeceuticals/pharmaceuticals, and long-term care operators are all at our door hoping to integrate our technology in their operations.

All to say, the future looks bright for Skinopathy!

Medtech for the Continuum-of-Care


Data-first medical operating system that powers the full suite of Skinopathy products/services and provides physicians unprecedented intelligence about their practice.

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Skinopathy Health Vault™

Smartphone-based health data repository that allows patients to securely and compliantly share vital medical information to their circle-of-care in real-time.

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Skinopathy Research™

Secure and HIPAA compliant interface that allows researchers and physicians to find real-world and real-time patient health data.

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Patent pending AI that can can pre-screen for skin cancers, classify skin burns, track the healing process of wounds, and much more.

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Skinopathy Burns™

The module (which will be included with the SkinAI™ service) is positioned as a first assessment tool for 1st and 2nd degree burns many of us face on a daily basis at home or workplace.

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Telemedicine platform that connects individuals, doctors, and the complete patient circle-of-care to the SkinopathyOS suite of products and services.

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SkinopathyOS is our operating system that allows for interoperable and real-time data mining of health data through explicit patient consent.

Coupled with our flagship SkinAI­™ technology, we can proudly say that we have effectively mapped, modernized, and digitized the entire dermatological journey.

The Skinopathy

Skinopathy was incorporated in August of 2020 and has already left its mark on the Canadian medical landscape. Everything from publishing groundbreaking research to working with the Consulate General of Canada in Boston who are helping us with our plans for U.S. expansion.

By Doctors and for the World!

Skinopathy has digitized, automated, and synthesized into artificial intelligence over 30 years’ worth of medical practice.​

These include Profile, Medical History, Medical Imagery, Medical Consultation, Patient Education Treatment, Billing, Prescriptions, Monitoring, Follow-ups, Secure Storage, and Medical Research.​

Our team

Doctors, technologists, and data privacy experts coming together to change healthcare

Our team is laden with Engineers, Data Scientists, PhDs, Masters, and even medical doctors!

One of our advisors is the former President of the Canadian Medical Association. Another is the former Chief Privacy Officer for Ontario Health. And they both know we’re onto something.

Lastly, we have several investors, some with billion dollar exits, and they are betting that we’re onto something.

All to say, Skinopathy is greater than the sum of our parts.

Revolutionizing the Future of Dermatology

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