ABout Us

Revolutionizing the Future of Dermatology

Mission, Mandate, and Goals

Do you know what is a travesty in healthcare?

We have brilliant doctors; insanely compassionate nurses; astonishing research; and the medical tools being created now are beyond what people could’ve dreamt of even just 10 years ago.

Yet, they are at the mercy of the archaic healthcare bureaucracy.

For example, if faxes disappeared today, healthcare would collapse. It is that simple.

Skinopathy is using its SkinopathyOS and complete suite of advanced data and AI medtech tools to fundamentally change healthcare.

We believe health data should be interoperable, in real-time, and from real-world sources.

And we believe in giving patients the power to use their own personal health information in ways that will benefit their own traumatic skin conditions.

Revolutionizing the Future of Dermatology

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