About Us

Revolutionizing the Future of Dermatology


Skinopathy was founded in the Summer of 2020 with one simple objective:

Create artificial intelligence that can be used by physicians, nurses, and patients to pre-screen for skin cancers.

Since then, the medical community, private sector, and government agencies from all corners of the World have rallied behind Skinopathy and asked us to expand our offerings because of our abilities.

In fact, our approach to medtech has consistently led our peers to label Skinopathy as a “One-of-One” since it finally brings together:

  • Healthcare Practitioners
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Cosmeceuticals
  • Researchers
  • Hospitals
  • Long-term care operators
  • Insurance companies
  • Governments
  • …And patients all under one roof

The Skinopathy Approach

Skinopathy is founded, led, and advised by physicians. As such, our approach is always patient focused.

Our physician leaders and advisors have ingrained into our DNA the importance of a truly holistic experience for both patients and healthcare practitioners.

In other words, Skinopathy is much more than the sum of its dashboards and algorithms.

Healthcare Practitioners ensure our technology is effective, relevant, and always focused on the patient.

Our Engineers ensure our technology is agile, modular, and always secure.

Our Researchers ensure our technology is proven, trustworhty, and always backed by research.


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