Born during the pandemic

Patents, accelerators, and awards. See our milestones below.

Our Story

Healthcare Bureaucracy on Hyperdrive

Our original intention was to create a great AI to help screen for skin cancers.

That was done with resounding success, and now our partners and investors believe we can tackle much larger challenges in the healthcare sector.

Skinopathy is moving quickly and we invite you to read over a few key milestones in our journey.

August 2020

Skinopathy Launch

Keith Loo and Dr. Colin Hong officially launch their plans to develop artificial technology that will help people screen for skin cancers on their phone.

December 2020

First patient on web platform

The GetSkinHelp website is launched and people can schedule video consultations with doctors using their provincial health cards.


February 2021

Filing first patent

Proprietary artificial intelligence technology that can analyze pictures of skin disease is filed with the USPTO

Collaboration with the University of Alberta

Collaborations with the University of Alberta to access anonymized burn and skin lesion data to train algorithms and understand technology-assisted time-to-treatments.

March 2021

Expansion to full Skin Health Suite

Plans to expand the Skinopathy business model to include all forms of skin ailments, such as burns and wounds, is adopted. This includes the development of a new AI-powered EMR.


Collaboration with ISED

Skinopathy and Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada team up to create a proof-of-concept for health data digital credentials.

June 2021

Collaboration with MILA

Collaboration with the Montreal Institute for Learning Algorithms to refine SkinAI™ algorithms and implement industry best-practices for responsible AI.

June 2021

Class I Device Approval

Health Canada designates the soon-to-be-released GetSkinHelp app and its AI module as a Class I medical device.


September 2021

Issuance of Health Canada License

Skinopathy receives its Medical Devices Establishment License from Health Canada.

November 2021

GetSkinHelp Mobile App Launch

The GetSkinHelp app is launched with the blessings of the Canadian Skin Cancer Foundation, the Save Your Skin Foundation, and Melanoma Canada (formerly The Melanoma Network of Canada).

December 2021

Presentation at the Canadian Burn Association Conference

Skinopathy is invited to present their findings on AI development at the prestigious Canadian Burn Association Conference.

February 2022

International Derm AI Standards

Skinopathy joins the Responsible AI institute, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Centre, IBM Research, Partnership on AI, and the Data Nutrition Project to develop International standards for AI dermatological assessments.

April 2022

Presentation at the American Burn Association Annual Meeting

Skinopathy is invited to present their findings on initial assessment and monitoring of burn wound healing using AI.

April 2022

Aurora Emerge

Skinopathy is chosen as the first startup for the Aurora Emerge event where Aurora Mayor, Tom Mrakas, Southlake Regional Health Centre Foundation, Schulich School of Business, and Lassonde School of Engineering announcemed plans on how to make the region a hub for innovation. 

May 2022

New Investors

Benny Lau (ATI Technologies) and Rian Gauvreau (Clio) join Skinopathy as lead investors for our seed round.

May 2022

Hired our first CTO 

Ray Kao has a long track record of success in both Startups and Enterprises, with his most recent role being as a Principal Technologist at Microsoft.

May 2022

Consulate General of Canada in Boston

Skinopathy is invited to join the Canadian Technology Accelerator as we set our eyes towards U.S. expansion.

June 2022

Ontario Trade Commissioner & Collision Conference

The Ontario Trade Commissioner invited Skinopathy as a member of their delegation for the 2022 Collision Conference

August 2022

New Investor

Byron Kaczmarek, founder of Dana Hospitality Inc., joins our growing slate of strategic investors.

August 2022

Cosmetics Alliance of Canada

We enter into a tentative mutually beneficial agreement that will see Skinopathy grow within the cosmeceutical industry. 

September 2022

2nd Place at LG Competition

Skinopathy came in second place at the LG Nova Startup competition in Silicon Valley that featured over 100 startups.

October 2022

Creative Destruction Lab

Accepted as part of the very exclusive destruction lab where we are mentored by Amir Javidan (CEO, WELL Health), Michael Ball (former CEO, Canexia Health), and Jacques Corbeil (Canada Research Chair, Medical Genomics)

November 2022

INSEAD Business as a Force for Good Award

Skinopathy won the prestigious international INSEAD Business as a Force for Good Award.

November 2022

Lead AI Startup of the Year Nomination 

The Responsible AI Institute nominated Skinopathy for as one of their Lead AI Startup of the Year nominees.

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