Skinopathy OS™

Skinopathy OS derives insights from the end-to-end medical pathways to improve medical efficiency and quality of care. 

About Skinopathy OS™

The burdens associated with healthcare administration can be particularly heavy and overwhelming.

Most Electronic Medical Records (EMR) software are geared for billing and charting purposes which makes them particularly difficult when administrators or physicians need to transmit data, receive data, or mine data.

Skinopathy OS was designed with data first in mind and provides healthcare professionals with unprecedented intelligence about their practice. We then added a layer of artificial intelligence that automates many clerical duties, such as referral intakes, and even rectifies billing inefficiencies leading to increased revenues.

This software will be a game-changer for physicians and healthcare networks.

Accurate Billing

Skinopathy OS is able to extract content from referral faxes and forms, and input that data into patient charts.

However, its most notable feature is its ability to prepare immaculate billing statements for insurance companies, resulting in less money left on the table.

No more loss of revenue due to human error and more precise data regarding physician activities.

Interoperable Health Data

SkinopathyOS will be fully integrated as part of the Skinopathy Health Vault™ and allow for real time exchange of medical data within the patient circle-of-care.

Combined with Skinopathy Research, a kind of data coop, we are able to help academics and the private sector gain unprecedented access to health data that will revolutionize how research is done.


What makes SkinopathyOS unique is the proprietary coding language we created that supports its data infrastructure. Simply said, we ensured that all data elements in the EMR were searchable, measurable, and communicable.

We call this language Shevscript.


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