Skinopathy Burns™

Skinopathy Burns is a SkinAI™ module dedicated to the triaging and tracking of skin burn injuries.

About Skinopathy Burns™

Explosions, fires, liquids, super heated surfaces, and chemicals all have the potential to seriously damage skin. And unless a burn clearly requires first responders, most people do not know when to seek medical attention or whether a burn injury is healing well.

The Skinopathy Burns™ module (which will be included with the SkinAI™ service) is positioned as a first assessment tool for 1st and 2nd degree burns many of us face on a daily basis at home or workplace.

Total Body Surface Area

One of the most pressing and difficult tasks for any first responder is the calculation of the total body surface area of a burn injury since it is used to determine the amount of resuscitation fluids.

There are several ways to make those calculations, but each depend on crude estimations or 2D maps.

The Skinopathy Burns™ module takes the guesswork out of those calculations and generates a much more accurate value.

Tracking the Healing Process

Skinopathy Burns has the capacity to track the healing process over time and provide those within the patient circle-of-care invaluable data that can be used to determine next steps.

Best of all, since that data is formatted for the Skinopathy Health Vault, it will be easily transmissible for any healthcare practitioner.


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