Skinopathy Wounds

AI-powered software that digitizes and standardizes the measurement of skin wounds

Features of Skinopathy Wounds

  • “Physician-in-the-Loop” 3rd Generation AI making it healthcare’s most robust Artificial Intelligence on the market.
  • Inventory monitoring and treatment recommendations based on established wound care protocols.
  • Integrated and interoperable patient data engine that powers eConsults and Referrals at the touch of a button.
  • Accessible in any setting, including medical clinics, hospitals, and community care.
  • Continuing Medical Education modules that help your wound team stay on top of their CME credits.

How Skinopathy Wounds can help

  • Reduce wound healing times through better wound management;
  • Lessen administrative burdens by digitizing and standardizing data relating to wound size, colour, and inflammation;
  • Reduce unnecessary usage of wound care products;
  • Streamline communication channels between the Care Team and specialists;
  • Improve Care Team skill sets through educational and training modules;
  • Help retain and recruit Care Team members by demonstrating technological leadership.


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