For Medical & Healthcare Companies

Skinopathy has created the only medically relevant 3rd generation dermatological AI in the world that works on any camera without any additional hardware

Enabling a fully digitized and connected circle- of-care

The full suite of Skinopathy Data & AI-powered technology supports:

  • Skin cancer screening/managements
  • All chronic/acute skin conditions
  • Wound care
  • Burn care
  • Medical aesthetics


We can help with:

  • Differential diagnosis
  • Automated triage, scheduling, test ordering, billing, and consult notes
  • Guidelines/AI-informed treatment recommendation
  • Integrated patient engagement and education
  • Advanced clinic analytics
  • Short & Long-Term disability mitigation
  • Preventive medicine for biologics

Patient & administrative Data & AI at your fingertips

More than 650 physicians have referred over 15,000 patients to GetSkinHelp. Our technology is now being deployed in large medical networks.

FACT: GetSkinHelp consultation attendance rate is significantly better that average in-clinic attendance rate

Industry no-show rates range between 17-31%

GetSkinHelp No-Show Rate

Skinopathy AI can help patients and healthcare practitioners screen and/or assess all skin conditions, including skin burns, skin wounds, and skin cancers.

FACT: Skinopathy has published considerable research about our technology in journals, conferences, and symposium.

Skinopaty AI Accuracy

How our technology can work for you

Skinopathy OS

The first real-time, real-world, and queryable dermatological EHR in the world featuring AI-powered automation and built-in machine learning capacity for intelligent triaging, practice automation, and insights

Skinopathy AI

3rd Gen dermatological AI that can be used on any mobile device for screening, tracking, and managing any skin condition without the use of additional hardware


Dermatology-specific telemedicine platform that leverages Skinopathy AI on any mobile device to provide remote screening, differential diagnosis, and triage for a complete circle of connected virtual care

Skinopathy Wounds

AI-powered tool that provides standardized baseline data about wounds, including spatial measurements, and colorimetric analysis

Skinopathy Burns

Interoperable and AI-powered tool designed to help first responders and burn units assess 2nd and 3rd degree burns

Don't take our word for it

Skinopathy has cultivated an impressive network of partners and collaborators based on our world class team and next generation technology