For Pharma Companies

Skinopathy is ushering in a new era of Data & AI-powered dermatological research and commercialization

Data & AI-powered advanced analytics to get the right medication from the right doctor​ at the right time

We can help with:

  • Validating the effectiveness of new dermatology and wound-healing products
  • Early screening for skin cancer/skin conditions and skin-related side effects
  • Differential diagnosis and prescribing decision support
  • New drug awareness-building
  • Generation and real-time tracking of case studies
  • Patient education, adherence, and support programs
  • Recruitment for clinical studies
  • Real-world evidence generation
  • Patient journey mapping
  • Insight generation/market research

Data-centric insights driven by more than 100,000 patients

Modular Technology

Skinopathy technologies are designed as stand-alone modules that can also work in concert to provide pharmaceuticals a complete patient journey experience.

AI & Data Engine

All Skinopathy products are embedded with Data & AI to ensure real-time and real-world advanced analytics are accessible at the push of a button.

How our technology can work for you

Skinopathy OS

The first real-time, real-world, and queryable dermatological EHR in the world featuring AI-powered automation and built-in machine learning capacity for intelligent triaging, practice automation, and insights

Skinopathy AI

3rd Gen dermatological AI that can be used on any mobile device for screening, tracking, and managing any skin condition without the use of additional hardware


Dermatology-specific telemedicine platform that leverages Skinopathy AI on any mobile device to provide remote screening, differential diagnosis, and triage for a complete circle of connected virtual care

since 2020 we have been setting new standards

We have a continued and indisputable history of reaching new levels of excellence.