Skinopathy Health Vault™

Portable and digital medical data repository for the patient circle-of-care.

health data vault

About Skinopathy Health Vault EMR™

Patient medical data is fundamentally flawed due to its lack of interoperability.

This is partially due to government regulations aimed at protecting patients, but legacy systems and obsolete standards also play an important role in this phenomena.

The Skinopathy Health Vault™ is designed to work cross platforms and provide patients, healthcare practitioners, family members, and even first responders with private and secure access to vital medical information in a portable format.

Digital Credentials

We are working alongside Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada to develop a “Proof-of-Concept” for their digital credentials programs for what will become new digital health data infrastructure in Canada.

Once ready, this new standard will become the norm for digital health data and Skinopathy is at the forefront of its creation.

It will allow patients to firmly hold through a digital wallet the details of their medical files and choose who gets access to those files.

No more faxing. No more photocopying files.

All digital and all in one place.


What makes SkinopathyOS™ unique is the proprietary coding language we created that supports its data infrastructure. Simply said, we ensured that all data elements in the EMR were searchable, measurable, and communicable.

We call this language Shevscript™.

Revolutionizing the Future of Dermatology

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