Skinopathy Research™

Skinopathy Research™ will revolutionize medical research by giving researchers access to anonymized real world and real time patient data from the Skinopathy enterprise software.

About Skinopathy Research™

Medical research is often a siloed process where data is limited or significantly out-of-date. This is to protect patients in many different ways, least of which being the sanctity of a person’s health data.

Skinopathy Research™ circumvents both these problems by using a relatively new concept known as a “Data Co-Op” where patients will be offered the option to share the skin disease data they provide on Skinopathy platform with researchers.

In exchange, patients will get value for their data by being given unprecedented access to medical dashboard that will feature data related to their skin disease not available elsewhere on the web.

For Researchers

The process for obtaining medical data is costly, time-consuming, and complicated. It requires everything from ethical approvals to willing data partners, such as hospitals and universities.

The Data Co-Op concept for Skinopathy Research is one that allows patients to willingly and actively offer their data for scientific reasons.

Combined with our data minable Skinopathy EMR™, the Skinopathy Health Vault™, and the vast array of patients using the GetSkinHelp™ platform, researchers can now have access to real world and real time data at a fraction of the cost, time, and complications.

For Patients

Skin diseases can follow a person for years, sometimes even decades.

As such, patients are highly committed to finding solutions about their condition and are willing to offer their anonymized data for those purposes.

However, in addition to privacy regulations, people are beginning to appreciate the value of their data, especially data regarding their health.

The Data Co-Op dashboard keeps people suffering of skin diseases in-the-know by keeping them informed on what research is on the horizon; developing trends; and demographics about the disease.

It makes people feel more in control of their disease and how they can finally cure themselves of their ailment.

Revolutionizing the Future of Dermatology

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