Skinopathy Research Published in Oxford University Press 

TORONTO, December 21, 2023 – Skinopathy, leading innovator in healthcare technology, is pleased to announce the publication of a groundbreaking peer-reviewed paper in the Journal of Burn Care and Research which has been published by the Oxford University Press. 

The paper, titled Using Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence to Track the Healing of Severe Burns, marks a significant milestone in the advancement of medical technology. 

The research demonstrates the utilization of computer vision and artificial intelligence (AI) techniques in tracking the healing progress of severe burns. This innovative approach holds immense amount of promise for elevating patient care and revolutionizing treatment in burn and wound care. 

The esteemed authors of the paper include: 

“We are thrilled to share our latest research findings with the medical and AI communities,” said Dr. Rakesh Joshi (Ph.D.), Lead Data Scientist at Skinopathy. “This paper represents the culmination of our team’s dedication and collaborative efforts. We are using technology for the benefit of patients suffering from severe burns.” 

The success of this research initiative would not have been possible without the invaluable support from key partners, including the National Research Council Canada, Mitacs, and MILA. Skinopathy extends its heartfelt gratitude to these organizations for their unwavering support and belief in the company’s mission and commitment to advancing healthcare through innovation. 

  • Olivier Ethier
  • Dr. Hannah Chan, MD, MHM
  • Dr. Mahla Abdolahnejad
  • Dr. Alexander Morzycki
  • Dr. Arsene Fansi Tchango
  • Dr. Rakesh Joshi (Ph.D.)
  • Dr. Joshua WongDr. Colin Hong

“We take immense pride in this achievement,” added Keith Loo, Co-Founder & CEO of Skinopathy. “It is a testament to our commitment and we are honoured to be able to contribute to the advancement of care in such a meaningful way.”

Richard Pietro 
Partnerships Lead 

About Skinopathy 
Skinopathy is a Canadian medtech company that is modernizing how healthcare practitioners, pharmaceuticals, and cosmeceuticals are screening, tracking, and managing all skin conditions. 

It was started during the pandemic when Co-Founder, Dr. Colin Hong, noticed patients were coming to his clinic presenting with late-stage skin cancer due to delayed and/or canceled skin cancer screenings. 

Not only were people’s well-being at stake, but he knew that these delays would only get worse and stretch an already taxed healthcare system to its limits. 

That is when he decided to collaborate with technologist and entrepreneur, Keith Loo, MBA, 
to revolutionize, digitize, and automate the entire dermatological journey. Everything from 
screening to research. 

About GetSkinHelp 
GetSkinHelp is a teledermatology platform that leverages Skinopathy technologies on any mobile device to provide virtual consultations, skin cancer / skin disease screening, advanced triaging and differential diagnosis for a complete circle of connected virtual care. 

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